A preventive approach must be maintained as regards the care of feet. We will apply Vaseline daily before commencing the walk in order to prevent blisters appearing. The most sensitive areas and those prone to suffering damage are the soles, heels and the spaces between the toes

Seamless, cotton socks are perfect for trainers. These can also be used with boots on condition that we use woollen sock s over these. The socks must be kept as clean as possible

A backpack which is correctly packed for this type of activity must not exceed 10 kg in weight.

As regards treating and healing damaged feet. It will be necessary to carry a small first aid kit with the essential components: hypodermic needles, gelatin dressings, sticking plasters, bandages and adhesive elastic bands

Food with substantial contributions of hydrocarbons are a priority. It is also fundamental to have good hydration. We must drink liquids before, during and after the walk, about 2 litres of water per day

The short stops made along the walk will be used to drink and eat in small quantities, but sufficient to build up our strength