The Winter Way

Etapa: Bendoiro-Outeiro

  • Length 33.6 Km
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Estimated Duration 7h 05min

The River Deza accompanies us on our route. The Pazo de Oca will surprise us with its spectacular gardens and the waterfall of the River Toxa with its drop of 30 metres.

Bendoiro- Silleda

  • Length 9.2 Km
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Estimated Duration 2h 20min

We travel the first metres along the N-525 highway. We enter Vilasoa and teach Prado, from where we can take a diversion in order to visit the Marian Sanctuary of O Corpiño. Returning to the Camino, we pass A Borralla and, farther on, we will cross the authentic medieval bridge of Taboada over the River Deza, a tributary of the River Ulla. We ascend to the parish of Taboada and then to the town of Trasfontao, until we reach the municipal capital, Silleda.

Silleda- A Bandeira

  • Length 7.4 Km
  • Difficulty Medium-Low
  • Estimated Duration 1h 20min

Silleda is an outstanding locality in the interior of the province of Pontevedra, known for holding the “Green Week of Galicia” in its enormous fair pavilion, as well as the international tourism fair, “Turisport”.

We leave Silleda by a dirt road on the left of the N-525 highway. O Foxo and Chapa will be the next two towns. We move on to A Bandeira, A Codeseira, Piñeiro and Castrovite (a municipality of A Estrada).