The Primitive Way

Stage: Castroverde-Lugo

  • Length 22.1 Km
  • Difficulty Low
  • Estimated Duration 4h 25min

Highlights on this section include Soutomerille, an abandoned village with a Pre-Romanesque church. A stone lattice window from the era of Alfonso III (9th–10th centuries) survives to this day. We are 20 km from Lugo and place names referring to the Way of St. James will accompany us along the entire way.

Castroverde- Santa María de Gondar

  • Length 9.3 Km
  • Difficulty Low
  • Estimated Duration 1h 50min

From Castroverde, we continue on to Souto de Torres, San Miguel do Camiño and Vilar de Cas before reaching Soutomerille, where we can see what is left of the Pre-Romanesque church of the same name dedicated to San Salvador.

Castroverde - Santa María de Gondar

Santa María de Gondar- Carballido

  • Length 5 Km
  • Difficulty Low
  • Estimated Duration 1h 00min

In Gondar we cross the Romeán River, entering the municipality of Lugo. The route continues to Carballido.

Santa María de Gondar - Carballido