The French Way

Stage: O Cebreiro - Triacastela

  • Length 21.8 Km
  • Difficulty Medium-High
  • Estimated Duration 4h 25min

The Galician stage of the French Way begins in O Cebreiro, a village of prehistoric origin situated at an altitude of 1,300 m, between the mountain ranges of O Courel and Os Ancares.

O Cebreiro- Liñares

  • Length 4.4 Km
  • Difficulty Medium-High
  • Estimated Duration 55min

From the  hostel of O Cebreiro two routes can be taken, a path begins at the doorway going up on the right, or the original route, going down to the main highway and following it to Liñares (about 3 km).


Liñares- Hospital da Condesa

  • Length 2.4 Km
  • Difficulty Medium-High
  • Estimated Duration 30min

Once in Liñares, the route signposted to the left is taken, going up between the houses to the Romanic church. Then, it is necessary to take the first stony path signposted to the left and begin to go up to Os Ancares. After going up and down a number of steep slopes, the heights of San Roque (1,270 metres) are reached. A statue of a pilgrim scanning the valley can be seen there.

From this point, the signs lead in parallel to the highway up to Hospital da Condesa. The entrance to the town is made on the left then following the diversion on the right. In the village with its outstanding stone paving, there is a hostel.

Liñares - Hospital da Condesa