Vía de la Plata or Camino Mozárabe

Stage: Ourense - Cea

  • Length 22.9 Km
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Estimated Duration 4h 55min

The famous Roman Bridge of Ourense is a magnificent place to start the Stage. From here, there are two possibilities for leaving the city: one by the Costiña de Canedo and the other by Cudeiro.

Ourense- Tamallancos

  • Length 12.7 Km
  • Difficulty Medium-High
  • Estimated Duration 2h 30min

The first, Costiña de Canedo, involves following the direction of the River Miño on its right bank (the N-120 highway) and move on to Quintela, Liñares, Cimadevila, Mandrás and Pulledo.

The second ascends to the hamlet of Cudeiro, situated on a beautiful high area, with good views and with Stages of the Camino Real which maintains its authentic, ancient stone paving. We soon arrive at Sartédigos, with asphalted stretches and scattered houses, and Tamallancos (a municipality of Vilamarín). In Sobreira thee is a diversion which leads to the Palace-Castle of Vilamarín.

Tamallancos- A Casanova

  • Length 8.2 Km
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Estimated Duration 2h 05min

At the Ponte Sobreira we cross the River Barbantiño by a charming, historical stone bridge and enter Faramontaos, in the municipality of Cea, Biduedo and A Casanova where both itineraries join, always following the N-525 highway.

At A Casanova we are welcomed by a scenario with a fountain, staff and pumpkin.

Tamallancos - A Casanova