The Portuguese Coastal Way

Stage: Pontevedra-Caldas de Reis

  • Length 23 Km
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Estimated Duration 5h 45min

From this point on, it is necessary to pay close attention to signs, as the route meanders and encounters a number of other paths, with the N-550 a constant presence and a new high-speed rail line that has altered the landscape.

Pontevedra- Santa María de Alba

  • Length 5.4 Km
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Estimated Duration 1h 20min

The route leaves Pontevedra via A Santiña Street, after crossing the Lérez River on O Burgo Bridge. It runs beside a large wetland known as A Xunqueira de Alba. After passing between the rail line and the Granda River, it climbs up to Pontecabras and Santa María de Alba Church and parsonage. Archbishop of Santiago Diego Gelmírez made a stop in Guxilde on his way from Braga to Compostela.

Pontevedra - Santa María de Alba

Santa María de Alba- A Cancela

  • Length 6.4 Km
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Estimated Duration 1h 35min

After passing San Caetano Chapel, we come to the leafy woods of Reirís and Lombo da Maceira. A small stone bridge over a stream known as O Rego do Cárcere leads to the municipality of Barro. From San Mauro, the route continues to San Mamede da Portela.

Santa María de Alba - A Cancela