The Northern Way

Stage: Ribadeo-Vilanova de Lourenzá

  • Length 28 Km
  • Difficulty High
  • Estimated Duration 6h 45min

We set off from the historic town and port of Ribadeo. The city stands atop a natural vantage point overlooking the ría. It boasts a noble past and offers a fascinating blend of medieval and modern architecture. The trail follows an old route – perhaps Roman or late Roman – to the end of the stage in Lourenzá.

Ribadeo- Vilela

  • Length 6.7 Km
  • Difficulty High
  • Estimated Duration 1h 35min

The first population centre after Ribadeo is Ove. The route then runs through Covelas and climbs up to Vilela. All of these spots allow visitors to get a taste of local traditional life.

Vilela- A Ponte

  • Length 8.3 Km
  • Difficulty High
  • Estimated Duration 2h 00min

After leaving Vilela, the route passes through Celeiros and O Vilar. We come to the parish of San Pedro de Arante and 15th-century A Nosa Señora das Virtudes Chapel. Beginning in the 16th century, there was a pilgrim hospital in this location.