Tour of the Galician wine denominations of origin
This is a one-week experience to enjoy the best of the wines with Galician denomination of origin: Rías Baixas, Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra, Valdeorras and Monterrei. Strolling through vineyards by the sea and riverside, on slopes and valleys, on mountains and canyons; visiting pazos, monasteries, churches, ancient fortifications and fortresses. We will taste Albariño, Treixadura, Mencía, Godello, Loureira, Caíño blanco, Brancellao and up to 20 different varieties of local grapes, combined in wise proportions at stately wineries that are either rustic or state of the art. We will relax while we are attended in comfortable buildings of historical and artistic value in the middle of nature or in urban surroundings.
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We have marked a group of select wine cellars that offer special attractions as points of wine-growing reference for a 9-day itinerary through Galician wine sanctuaries, with lodging at high quality establishments, most of them state-owned hotels (Paradores Nacionales). Wine, gastronomy and culture will unite during the 9 days that the trip lasts, with guided tours and strolls through the old quarters of the different cities included and that are located in settings with incredible landscapes.

At present the five wine-growing denominations of origin of Galicia include over 500 wine cellars. From that group there stand out a famous group that due to its production, awards received and the architecture of its buildings, could be classified as the Galician wine sanctuaries. We will participate in a special route for groups and persons with an exquisite palate, people who love the best. This trip will include a total of seven wine cellars from the five Galician denominations of origin, that will offer us a guided tour of their facilities and the chance to taste their wines during our whole itinerary.
  • Day 9 After breakfast, in the morning we can stroll along the rooftop of the Cathedral, which offers a different view of the history of the city and of the Apostle St. James' basilica. End of our services.
  • Day 8 After breakfast, in the morning, we will have the opportunity of taking an exclusive guided tour of the old quarter accompanied by an official Galicia guide. We will have the afternoon off to discover the city. To end our trip we will enjoy a tapas tasting menu dinner consisting of 100% Galician products and will spend the night at the Parador Hostal dos Reis Católicos.
  • Day 7 After breakfast, we will visit Verín, meeting place for distinguished characters such as Philip I of Castile, and famous as port of call between Castile and Portugal. Next we will visit the wine cellar Tapias Mariñán of the D.O Monterrei and its vineyards, including a tasting session that will be the grand finale to the itinerary through Galicia's wineries. At the appointed time we will head towards Santiago de Compostela to spend the night at the Parador Hostal dos Reis Católicos, which will be the end to a perfect day.
  • Day 6 After breakfast, we will begin the day heading towards A Rúa to visit the wine cellar A Coroa that belongs to the D.O Valdeorras and to taste its exquisite wines together with a brief wine-pairing session. Later we will head towards Verín and the country guesthouse O Retiro do Conde, whose structure is like that of a typical Galician pazo or the valley's prestigious vineyards. Dinner and lodging at O Retiro do Conde, Verín.
  • Day 5 After breakfast, we will discover the area of Santo Estevo, a natural and beautiful place, where the rivers Miño and Sil meet. A catamaran trip is optional and then we will return to the world of wine at the wine cellar Regina Viarum of D.O Ribeira Sacra, where we will experience first hand the slopes, the terraces and man's labour. After the guided tour we will participate in a well deserved tasting and wine-pairing session. Dinner and lodging in the Parador de Santo Estevo.
  • Day 4 Today we visit the city of Tui, with a grand Medieval past. We will be fascinated when strolling along its his streets in the old quarter that lead to the Gothic and Romanesque style cathedral. Then we will take a guided tour of the wine cellar Viña Meín that belongs to the D.O. O Ribeiro, followed by a tasting and wine-pairing session. We will continue our itinerary until we reach the Parador de Santo Estevo, a Benedictine monastery, located in the heart of the Ribeira Sacra.
  • Day 3 After breakfast, we will visit the Medieval village of Baiona. This town is of great historical importance, for in March 1493, Martin Alonso Pinzón landed here after travelling to America and turned this village into the first one in Europe that heard about the news of the discovery of the New World. Its old quarter was declared Historical-Artistic Heritage Interest Site. Next we will set off towards the area of O Rosal to discover the wine cellar A Quinta de Couselo that belongs to the D.O Rías Baixas. Tasting of two O Rosal wines and wine-pairing. In the afternoon we will visit Santa Trega, where we will stroll along one of the most famous places and most photographed sites in Galicia, the Monte Santa Trega. In the evening we will also discover the Parador de Tui, that faithfully reproduces a rural Galician pazo, in a mountain and riverside setting. Dinner and lodging at the Parador.
  • Day 2 After breakfast, our destination is the Parador de Baiona for our second night, but first we will stop for a short visit to O Grove, typical tourist and seaside town famous for being the best place to eat shellfish. Next we will visit the wine cellar Agro de Bazán (Meis) that belongs to the D.O Rías Baixas, where we will taste 3 of its wines and enjoy a delicious finger food lunch at the same wine cellar with a typical menu consisting of mussels, scallops or seafood crepes. Dinner and lodging at the Parador de Baiona.
  • Day 1 We will arrive at the Parador de Cambados, former Pazo de Bazán, and traditional style mansion whose construction began in the 17th century and where we will be staying. To begin our wine-growing adventure we will visit the wine cellar of Palacio de Fefiñanes, discovering its facilities as well as the small vineyard located in the palace's garden and orchard. In the afternoon, we will participate in a wine tasting and pairing session at the wine cellar of Palacio de Fefiñanes that belongs to the D.O. Rías Baixas. Dinner and lodging at the Parador de Cambados.
9 days / 8 nights..

For a minimum of 4 persons 2.265 €
For a minimum of 6 persons 2.235 €
For a minimum of 8 persons 1.975 €
Supplement single room: 480 €
Rates per person in double room.

All year round.

Included services:

- 8 nights lodging depending on program (Paradores Nacionales and 1 country guesthouse). Half board basis (dinner and breakfast) except in Santiago, where it is bed and breakfast.
- Minivan (max. 7 seats) or Minibus with driver (max. 18 seats) available during the whole program until reaching Santiago, driver's expenses, tolls and parking included.
- Official Galicia guide that will accompany the group during the entire program until reaching Santiago, maintenance and expenses included.
- Visit, wine tasting session with brief wine-pairing at the following wine cellars:

    - Palacio de Fefiñanes en Cambados
    - Agro de Bazán, in Vilanova de Arousa
    - A Quinta de Couselo in O Rosal
    - Viña Meín, in Leiro
    - Regina Viarum in Ribeira Sacra
    - A Coroa in A Rúa
    - Tapias Mariñan in Verín

- Lunch at Bodega Agro de Bazán in Vilanova de Arousa.
- 1 official guide to Galicia for a guided tour of Santiago.
- Tasting menu dinner consisting of typical Galician products in Santiago.

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