Among bears, elves and chestnuts
A three-days / 2-nights package to discover three of Galicia’s most special forests, starting in Os Ancares and the forest of Cabana Vella and ending at the oak grove of Cruzul and the copse of Agüeira.
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  • Day 3
    You begin the day with a good breakfast consisting of homemade products, in order to then set off, following our guide, each in their own car, towards other fantastic forests: to the east, the oak grove of Cruzul, to the west, the copse of Agüeira. Depending on your preferences and interests, you can decide how far into both forests you wish to go, but always following the guide’s wise recommendations. The forest of Cruzul is in itself a rarity, for oak groves are not typical of humid lands such as Galicia’s; and in addition, the trees, timorous, stand so close to each other that it seems as though they do not want you to get to know them, as if they trying to block the entrance into the forest. Could it be an enchanted forest? The owls and toads no doubt contribute to making you feel like you are in the heart of a magic forest. Do not be surprised if you come across an elf or a witch!
    With sadness you leave the oak grove of Cruzul in order to head towards the nearby copse of Agüeira. In this case you may follow the trails created by the local inhabitants to gather chestnuts and other treasures available in this forest. You can see how huge ancient chestnut trees, that rise out of the forest to catch the sun’s rays, mix with younger, stubbier and wider chestnuts, ready to serve the people who live in the area. This forest does not only speak of its flora and fauna, but also of its close and conspiratorial bond with man.
    To end your adventure searching for bears, wolves, elves and chestnuts, we recommend that you visit Gota a Gota, a traditional liqueur factory.
  • Day 2

    After a full breakfast, you set off with our guide to take the trails that lead to the best corners in the heart of Os Ancares, delving into the forest of Cabana Vella. We recommend that you take along the picnic lunch prepared at the place of accommodation, for the trail is long and you will probably feel like eating outdoors in the midst of the forests. Depending on your preferences, the guide recommends several detours that lead to the highest points, such as the peak of Penarrubia or Tres Bispos, from where you have spectacular views of the ancient mountains and the large variety of flora and fauna. You might even catch a glimpse of the bears that live in these locations, or even of the elusive wolves! Once you have completed the route, which takes up most of the day, you move on, like nomads, to Becerreá, one of the gateways to Os Ancares, to have dinner and spend the night at one of the two accommodations we propose: the country guesthouse A Lareira, or the Hotel de Naturaleza Pontes de Gatín. That evening you will not know whether to discuss the magnificent experience you have lived in Os Ancares or plan the next experience with excitement: discovering the woods of Cruzul and Agüeira.
  • Day 1 We recommend that on the first day you arrive in the late afternoon-evening to the accommodation at Mesón Novo, well known for providing housing to many nature lovers that visit the area to get firsthand knowledge of the magnificent mountains and beautiful forests of Os Ancares. There you are served dinner with top quality homemade products while you plan your adventure accompanied by our nature guide.
Mesón Novo and Hotel de Naturaleza Pontes de Gatín 
    - Low season 120€
    - High season 126€

Mesón Novo and Casa A Lareira
    - Low season 129€
    - High season 135€

Included services:

2 nights half board including dinner and B&B

Two guided hiking trails accompanied by a nature guide for two days (1 full day + 1 half day)

Visit to the artisanal liqueur factory Gota a Gota, where we see how the liqueur distillery works and we are offered a tasting session.

Services not included:

Full picnic lunch 6€

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