In The Way of Saint James
In The Way of Saint James



Parish: Lestedo (Santa María)

Place: Lestedo

15881  Boqueixón - A Coruña

Coordinates: 42º 48' 29.3" N - 8º 26' 48.5" W


The Pico Sacro is a quartz outcrop of great geological interest, formed by tectonic shifts, giving it a distinctive pyramid shape that helps to guide pilgrims, especially those walking the Vía da Prata. Much of central Galicia can be surveyed from its summit, above all the verdant Ulla valley.

Home to the mythical Queen Lupa, a narrow pass between the rocks at the top of the mountain led to her pazo (palace), where she converted to Christianity and offered a burial place for Saint James in the Campus Stellae.

The many legends and tales linked to this sacred mountain reflect a rich cultural legacy that includes intangible elements (songs, sayings, stories) and items of tangible heritage such as the Hermitage of Santo Estevo and the caves of O Burato dos Mouros, where legend has it that the Romans mined for gold.

The Ways of St. James

The Winter Camino
Vía de la Plata


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