In The Way of Saint James
In The Way of Saint James

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Praza de Praterías

15704  Santiago de Compostela - A Coruña

Coordinates: 42º 52' 47.9" N - 8º 32' 39.4" W


Its name comes from the medieval guilds of silversmiths ("plateros") and even today there are still numerous jewellers´shops here. It is an example of urban Baroque; divided into two levels joined by a large stairway, by Simón Rodríguez and later centred with the Fonte dos Cabalos fountain (1829). The stately buildings that surround it contribute to the theatrical effect of the site. Going upwards, south facade of the cathedral with the only Romanesque doorway that is conserved, and next to it the Berengluela or Clock Tower. Closing off the other side is the Chapterhouse which, at only three metres deep, has a purely scenic function.


Town area. Old quarter.

The Ways of St. James

Portiguese Route
The English Camino
The Fistera-Muxía Camino
The French Camino
The Northern Camino
Vía de la Plata


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