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Turismo de Galicia focuses on promoting the values of the Way of St. James with two travelling exhibitions

This week marked the opening of the exhibition Hospitality on the Way of St. James. Photographs by Manuel G. Vicente in the Granada town of Guadix. The show...


Turismo de Galicia provides close to 46,000 euros to the French Route Municipal Association to improve signage for local tourism resources

Regional Representative José Manuel Balseiro explained that a lighted totem sign will be installed in each municipality, enabling pilgrims to obtain the information they need for...


Turismo de Galicia brings the Way of St. James to primary students through an interactive project

Domingo Fontán Infant and Primary School in Portas, Pontevedra hosted the A Journal of the Camino initiative, a set of activities designed for primary school children. They centre...

21/Apr/2010 0

Torre de Hércules

The guide Teresa Gutiérrez talks to us about the Torre de Hércules in A Coruña. The tower was built in the 1st century and is the only tower in the world built by the Romans that is...

Torre de Hércules

21/Apr/2010 0

Grocery store in Melide

We are visiting a small grocery store in Melide, in the province of A Coruña along the Camino Francés. There are many pilgrims that pass by this store and buys products locally...

Grocery store in Melide


Santiago welcomes pilgrim 200,000 in a record year for the Camino

Pilgrim number 200,000 of this year 2016 stamped his Compostela today at the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago. She is a Portuguese pilgrim from the city of Fatima who travelled the...


Santiago de Compostela has exceeded the number of pilgrims arriving during all of 2015 reaching the figure of 262,913

Between January 1 and October 22, the Pilgrim’s Office registered a total of 262,913 pilgrims who collected their Compostelas after travelling one of the Jacobean routes. This meant...

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Rumi Makyno, Tokio (Japan)

Rumi Makyno is from Tokyo (Japan) and is walking the Camino Francés. We caught up with her in Samos (Lugo), were we talked to her. She walks alone and seems content. “The Camino is...