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Román Rodríguez signposts the Camino de Santiago in the heart of Europe with a milestone next to a piece of the Berlin Wall

The Regional Minister for Culture and Tourism and the Vice-President of the European Parliament today presided over the discovery of the milestone in the access of visitors to the...


The Regional Government will expand the pilgrim hostel in Pontevedra on the Portuguese Way, an itinerary in which it is investing EUR 6.5 million

Román Rodríguez visited the facilities of this space of the Xacobeo Public Network which, for the last twenty years, has been managed by the Association of Friends of the...


Galicia will invest 15.6M€ so that all the Camino de Santiago’s routes will be in optimum condition for the Xacobeo 21

Feijóo specifies that supervision works will be carried out, both programmed and occasional, such as the cleaning and clearing of the Camino as well as other tasks of a preventive...


The Xunta and the Institute of Fine Arts sign an agreement to hold a unique international symposium on the Camino in New York in 2020

The signed document includes the proposal to prepare an updated publication in English as a result of this meeting Feijóo advances that the symposium, which will be coordinated...


The Xunta de Galicia celebrates the approval of the Decree Law which will regulate the Camino de Santiago in Portugal

In recent years, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has collaborated with the Portuguese Government in the design of this regulation to harmonise it with the management carried...


The Xunta opens the call of subsidies of the program or teu Xacobeo

The line of support is endowed with 2 million for new projects to boost the Xacobeo 2021 These may be eligible for financial aid for three different types of applicants: local...

Brochure "O Teu Xacobeo" (galician)


Feijóo remarks that the more than 3.6 million pilgrims who have arrived in Santiago to date since 1993 did not travel to the past but 'to a future capable of integrating eras, cultures and experiences'

He draws attention to the responsibility to enhance the value of a Camino that crosses various routes and runs through over 100 townships, with a programme of rehabilitation,...


The Regional Government tenders the drafting of the Strategic Plan of the Xacobeo 2021 with the goal of creating a universal and participatory celebration

Culture and Tourism publishes the contract for the service of developing this roadmap, amounting to more than 66,000 euros and a project deadline of 4 months It will be based on...