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22/Apr/2010 0

Albergue in Bruma

The albergue in Bruma is located on the English Way and is where the routes from A Coruña and Ferrol meet up. The hospitalera María del Carmen Prego explains the various facilities...

Albergue in Bruma


The Xacobeo calls for grants for associations of friends of the Way of Saint James

The Sociedade Anónima de Xestión do Plan Xacobeo, foresees, in its social object the relations with the associations of friends of the Way of Saint James. Collaboration with these...

21/Apr/2010 0

The Santiago torte, the protected cake from Galicia

This is the most famous torte on the Camino de Santiago and the most popular in the Galician kitchen. This torte is so popular that it even has its own  page on Wikipedia . In...


The headquarters of the Way of St James Chair kicks off its activity with a series of conferences with specialists from various universities

Santiago de Compostela, 4 September 2017 Today, the director of Turismo de Galicia, Nava Castro, presented the series of conferences that will be held at the headquarters of the...


Ad Limina, the research journal on the Way of St. James, added to Europe's most prestigious publication index

Published annually by the International Committee of Experts on the Way of St. James, Ad Limina was already listed in the Rebiun, Dialnet, Latindex, OCLC-World Cat and Regesta...


The new Turismo de Galicia exhibition ‘From Sea to Sea’ presents the Way of St James through large format 3D photographs

Nava Castro opened this exhibition today at the Lonja de Fisterra. In upcoming months it will travel to the English Route, Portuguese Route and Portuguese Coastal Route The...


The new edition of the cycle of concerts 'Music on the Camino' will begin this Saturday

The Goián musical group will open the new edition of this initiative organised by Turismo de Galicia and the Galician Federation of Popular Bands on June 3. A total of 27...


The exhibition "Welcoming and hospitality on the Camino de Santiago" travels to Seville in order to disseminate the Jacobean values on te Vía de la Plata

Organised by Turismo de Galicia, the itinerant exhibition is pay homage to the voluntary hospitallers. Santiago de Compostela, October 4, 2017 Until October 28, the city of...