The director of Turismo points to the English Route as an exponent of the increasing multiculturalism of the Way of St. James

  • Nava Castro took part in the opening ceremony for the first international conference on this route, currently taking place in the A Coruña municipality of Oroso
  • Castro mentioned the autonomous community government’s commitment to promoting this route, in which her department is investing 1.4 million euros

Santiago de Compostela, 5 October 2017

Today, Turismo de Galicia Director Nava Castro highlighted the role of the English Route as an exponent of the growing multiculturalism and international presence of the Way of St. James in recent years, recalling the historic role this route played in attracting pilgrims from such countries as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

This legacy has continued down to today, with pilgrims from more than 177 nations following the route, ‘numbers that give us great pleasure and confirm the vitality of the pilgrimage, which is now more international and diverse than ever,’ stated the Turismo director.

Nava Castro made these statements at the opening ceremony for the 1st International Conference on the English Route, currently taking place in the municipality of Oroso, and featuring numerous experts and professionals in this area.

In her speech, the head of the tourism arm of the Xunta mentioned her department’s commitment to this route, set out in the Way of St. James Master and Strategic Plan, which has dedicated 2017 to this pilgrimage route to Santiago.

Commitment to the route

Nava Castro also mentioned some of the actions carried out along this route in the areas of signage, restoration and improvement, and opening new hostels at locations such as Poulo, as well as Betanzos and Carral in previous years, with the aim of bolstering services for pilgrims. She also made mention of promotional activities such as the performing arts series Vive o Camiño, which travelled to 18 municipalities on the English Route this summer, filling them with music and theatre. The Xunta de Galicia is investing 1.4 million euros in implementing these actions.

‘The actions continue the work already completed in previous years on the French Route, Northern Route and Primitive Route, which will also be expanded to the other pilgrimage routes,’ noted Nava Castro.