Nava Castro highlights the role of research and promotion around the Way of St. James to strengthen its roots

  • The director of Turismo attended the opening of the 10th International Jacobean Lessons at the USC, which features specialists from around the world presenting their latest studies

Santiago de Compostela, 18 July 2017

Turismo Director Nava Castro took part in today’s opening of the 10th International Jacobean Lessons organized by the University of Santiago. In her speech, Nava Castro discussed the importance of research around the Way of St. James to ‘strengthen the roots of pilgrimage and ensure a successful future’. She congratulated the directors of this four-day conference, which brings together specialists on the subject from different countries in the Galician capital.

Nava Castro highlighted the importance of supporting these studies at the destination of the Way of St. James. It is to this end that Turismo de Galicia, in partnership with other institutions, is promoting the Way of St. James and Pilgrimages Department as a source for disseminating and generating new content and pooling information about the advances made in this area in the academic arena.

‘Because of their continued drive, the USC’s International Jacobean Lessons are a must-attend event on research and promotion around the Way of St. James each summer,’ stated the Turismo director. She stressed the variety of approaches and subjects tackled over the past decade, in disciplines ranging from art, history and literature to rituals, music, cuisine, the liturgy and hospitality.

30 years as the First European Cultural Route

The conference, which begins today and is held in the auditorium of the Museum of Pilgrimage and St. James, centres on the thirtieth anniversary of the Way of St. James as the First European Cultural Route. The commemoration will take place in the month of October. Turismo de Galicia is preparing a special programme ‘to explore its cultural legacy, which brings us such enrichment,’ stated the Turismo director.

Nava Castro recalled that research around the pilgrimage represents one of the focus areas of the Way of St. James Master Plan, of which around 60% of the 56-million-euro investment has already been completed. Implementation of the plan has resulted in improvements in such areas as infrastructure restoration and construction, signage, maintenance, environmental sustainability and accessibility.

In this last area, the Accessible Tourism Plan for Galicia and the Way of St. James is now underway. The plan was presented last week and seeks to ‘support conditions which provide equal access to this experience for people with functional diversity’.