The Interpretation Centres of the Camino de Santiago received almost 14,000 visitors in the first five months of the year

  • Only in the month of May, the offices located in O Cebreiro, Lugo, Mondoñedo and   Santiago de Compostela attended to 4.,679 persons
  • These centres located on the French Way, the Primitive Way and the Northern Way help  the pilgrim to obtain a greater knowledge of the Jacobean Route they  are travelling along

Santiago de Compostela, June 11, 2017

In the first five months of the year, the Interpretation Centres of the Camino de Santiago received approximately 14,000 visitors. The offices located on the Jacobean routes as they pass by the Town Halls of Lugo, Mondoñedo, O Cebreiro and Santiago de Compostela attended specifically to 13,857 persons, of whom 66% (7,771) were Spanish and the remaining 44% foreigners (6,086).

The information point of el Cebreiro, at the entry to the French Way in Galicia, received 6,465 visits in this period. In the case of the Centre of the Primitive Way, located in the city of Lugo, the Number of persons attended to amounted to 2,958. While the Interpretation Centre of the Northern Way, in the Town Hall of Mondoñedo in Lugo, had 1,557 visits. Finally, the International Pilgrim Welcoming Centre of Carretas, in the capital of Galicia had 2,877 visits. Only in the month of May, the total number of pilgrims attended to in the four Centres of the provinces amounted to 4,679.

These Centres provide the pilgrims with support, information and supplementary content in order to help them to understand and get to know the Camino de Santiago generally from different points of view, and in particular the specific route where they are. In the specific case of the International Pilgrim Welcoming Centre of Carretas, located in the area of the Plaza del Obradoiro, Turismo de Galicia has an area where the pilgrims can receive advice in order to continue along their stages in the Autonomous Community after receiving their Compostelas at the Pilgrims’ Office.

Upward tendency

So far this year, more than 81,490 pilgrims have arrived in Compostela, which supposes 13.3% more than in the same  period last year, thus, the upward tendency of recent times has been maintained when the first quarter of the year is about to finalise. It should be highlighted that more than 65% of the pilgrims welcomed up to now were from abroad.

By itineraries, the French Way continues to stand at the head as regards the number of pilgrims received, with almost 61%, followed by the Portuguese Way (21.37%), the Northern Way (4.26%), the Primitive Way (3.83%), the Vía de la Plata (3.53%), the English Way (3.41%) and the Portuguese Coastal Way (2.09%).