La Xunta erects signposts along the Portuguese Coastal Route where it passes through the municipality of A Guarda, with 16 official milestones

Vigo, 20 March 2017. This afternoon, the regional representative of the Xunta in Vigo, Ignacio López-Chaves; the manager of the Xacobeo company, Rafael Sánchez Bargiela; and the mayor of the municipality of A Guarda, Antonio Lomba, visited the location of the first official milestones signposting the Portuguese Coastal Route where it passes through the municipality. The location was the terminal for the A Guarda–Caminha ferry, where pilgrims travelling from the neighbouring country arrive.

A total of 16 milestones will be erected in A Guarda, out of the 81 to be put up along the 150 kilometres of the Galician section of this pilgrimage route to Santiago. This route has just been recognised by the Galician Parliament in the newly passed Galician Cultural Heritage Act. Placement of the new milestones began several days ago in the municipality of Baiona. This marks a step forward for the Portuguese Coastal Route, guaranteeing the safety of pilgrims and making it easier for them to follow the route. Over the next few days, the Xacobeo company will continue placing the rest of the milestones in the other municipalities through which the new pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela runs.