Nava Castro unveils new signage for the Portuguese Coastal Route in Baiona

  • 81 milestones will be erected along the 150 kilometres of the Portuguese Coastal Route in Galicia

  • This coastal variant, now an official Pilgrimage Route to Santiago de Compostela, is expected to become one of the province’s major attractions

Turismo de Galicia Director Nava Castro; the regional representative of the Xunta in Vigo, Ignacio López-Chaves; Xacobeo Manager Rafael Sánchez; and Baiona’s mayor and town councillor for tourism, Ángel Rodal and Beatriz González, today inaugurated new signage for the Portuguese Coastal Route, with the erection of the first official milestone.

This is the first of 81 milestones which will be erected along the almost 150 kilometres of this pilgrimage route in Galicia, 12 of them within the municipality of Baiona.

Together with the Winter Route, the Portuguese Coastal Route was recently recognized as a Pilgrimage Route to Santiago de Compostela with the passing of the Galician Cultural Heritage Act. This new signage marks an important advance, guaranteeing the safety of pilgrims and making it easier for them to follow the route.

Stimulating an increase in historical study of the Camino

The official recognition of this route was the result of studies carried out in recent years, which confirm the historical authenticity of this itinerary, while also reflecting long-standing claims by groups associated with the pilgrimage route. This will undoubtedly provide a major stimulus for a continued increase in historical study of the Way of St. James,’ Nava Castro stated.

The head of the tourism arm of the Xunta made reference to the Way of St. James Master and Strategic Plan implemented by her department, as one of the key tourism development documents for Galicia. It sets out the same course of action established by these new legal regulations.

Both count among their goals that of maintaining the essential values of the Camino and highlighting the cultural heritage associated with the Way of St. James. ‘The official recognition of the Portuguese Coastal Route marks another step towards the goal of ensuring the protection and preservation of routes which, in the case of the Portuguese Coastal Route, already have a large number of supporters,’ stated Nava Castro.

The director of Turismo de Galicia emphasized the ‘incomparable’ natural surroundings through which the pilgrimage route passes in Galicia and expressed her confidence that this newly official coastal variant will become ‘one of the province’s major attractions’.