The Xunta de Galicia will improve the entrances of the Camino de Santiago to the capital of Galicia at four priority points

• President Feijóo thanked the Town Hall of Santiago for “its cooperation and collaboration” and will sign a protocol with it.
• 4.2 million euros are assigned in order to repair the zones of the Industrial Estates of O Tambre, San Lázaro, Os Concheiros and Conxo
• The work which is financed by the Autonomous Government must be terminated in 2020
• A study will be made of the extension of the plan to other zones, such as the Vía de la Plata, the zone of Castrón Douro and the Portuguese Camino to  the Ponte da Rocha Vella

The President of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, today announced the approval of the protocol with the Town Hall of Santiago in order to improve the entrances of the Camino to the capital of Galicia. This is a proposal fostered by the Xunta and accepted by the Town Hall, which has the competences and this is why Feijóo acknowledged “the cooperation and collaboration” given by the municipal institution. This protocol is based on a town planning report which was presented last September.

4.2 million euros will be assigned to improving the landscape integration of the Jacobean Routes in the city, with four priority points: the entrance of the English Camino through the O Tambre Industrial Estate, where it is proposed to  create a pilgrim pathway; the link between the Calle do Gozo and that of San Lázaro on the French Camino, where the stone stairway will be replaced by a walkway among other measures; the entrance to Calle de Os Concheiros, also on the French Camino, where it is proposed to plant trees and improve the rear facades of the Calle del Home Santo and build a parking lot in order to reduce the intense traffic, and the area of the Hospital de Conxo at the entrance of the Portuguese Camino.

As was explained by the President, the Government of Galicia will finance the drafting of the technical and execution documents and will pay for the work, which must be executed in 2020. The Town Hall must place the goods and land required at the disposal of the Xunta, within the urban perimeter,take the steps required to comply with the objectives of the protocol and replace the urban equipment affected by the work.

The work will be carried out in three stages. The first, the study of the reordering of the crossroads between Os Concheiros, Avenida de Lugo and Rodríguez de Viguri, the point with the greatest technical complexity, has already commenced. The second, the drafting of the execution projects, will begin soon once the agreement with the Town Hall is signed. The third, which will be carried out between 2018 and 2019, consists of the execution of the four actions proposed  and their possible extension to the other points in the Camino, such as the Vía de la Plata, in the zone of Castrón Douro and the Portuguese Camino as far as the Ponte da Rocha Vella.

The monitoring of progress will correspond to a work group made up of three members of the Xunta and another three from the Town Hall. Feijóo framed this protocol in the group of measures which are being carried out in order to prepare the 2021 Xacobeo and improve the welcome given to the pilgrims, such as the repair of the Monte do Gozo and the Strategic Master Plan of the Camino, which coordinates all the work.