The Manager of the Xacobeo presents the talk by Paolo Caucci within the lecture cycle of the Association of the Ways of Saint James by the Ribeira Sacra

The Manager of the Xacobeo, Rafael Sánchez Bargiela, participated today in the lecture cycle of the Association of the Ways of Saint James by the Ribeira Sacra.

Sánchez-Bargiela presented the lecture of Paolo G. Caucci "The Story of the Pilgrimage of Gian Lorenzo Buonafade Vanti (1717) and his travels through Monforte and the Ribera Sacra".

Professor Caucci is one of the grand international references of Jacobean culture and has an extensive professional curriculum aimed at highlighting the integrating and structuring role of the Camino de Santiago in the creation of Europe.

It should be pointed out that, among the numerous posts he holds in the field of Jacobean research and dissemination, he has been President of the International Committee of Experts of the Camino de Santiago since 1992, and is the founder and President Of the Italian Centre for Studies on Compostela at the University of Perugia, as well as Rector of the Confraternita di San Jacopo di Compostella.

The cycle which is held in the Centro del Vino of Monforte de Lemos will hold its next session on October 21 with the lecture of Javier Raposo Martínez "The Winter Way: Evaluation, Artistic Heritage and Future Challenges ".

The Winter Way
The Winter Way was officially recognised as a new pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela with the entry into force of the Law on the Cultural Heritage.

This Jacobean route is unique as it crosses the four provinces f Galicia, with special relevance in the district of Valdeorras and Deza.

The route begins in Ponferrada and follows the natural channel marked out by the River Sil whose course of 210 kilometres flows out of El Bierzo and enters the district of Valdeorras and then continues by Monforte and connects with the district of Deza, going along A Estrada until it reaches Compostela flowing past twenty Town Halls of Galicia.