The Maestro Mateo is the leading Galician artist to whom the Museo del Prado dedicates an exhibition

The acting Councillor of Culture, Education and University Organisation, Román Rodríguez, participated today in the presentation of what will be the first exhibition which the Museo dedicates exclusively to a Galician artist, and whose leading character will be the Maestro Mateo. As was explained by the head of the Department of Culture of the Xunta de Galicia at a press conference, this is an exhibition milestone at national level due to the significance of the artist, and above all due to the lack of knowledge concerning him, “which we intend to begin to correct with this exhibition”.

Román Rodríguez explained that “one of the most relevant artists who left one of the most lasting marks in the history of Galician and universal art, will be exhibited for the first time to the general public in one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in Spain and in the whole world: the Museo del Prado.”

The councillor also brought to mind that the best tradition of Galician sculptors and stonemasons came about under the protection and the inspiration and the technical instructions of this artist in an epoch, the Medieval, in which the carved stone was the main player in the plastic arts of the country. “The Maestro Mateo said that it represents artistic excellence raises sculpting to the category of the sublime”.

Besides the councillor, at the press conference the Director of the Museo del Prado, Miguel Zugaza Miranda intervened; the President of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Manuel Quintana Martillo; the Director of the Cathedral Foundation of Santiago, Daniel Carlos Lorenzo Santos; the Director-Manager of S.A. de Gestión del Plan Xacobeo, Rafael Sánchez Bargiela; the Mator of Santiago, Martiño Noriega Sánchez; the Vice-President of the Provincial Government of A Coruña, Goretti Sanmartín Rei.

Single exhibition
With its curator Ramón Yzquierdo Peiró  the exhibition ‘Maestro Mateo' can be visited until January 2017 in the Museo Nacional del Prado, which will make it possible to disseminate and give international relevance of the person who i, in the words of the Assistant Director of the Museo del Prado, Miguel Falomir, “the greatest sculptor born in Spain”.

This is an exhibition which brings together diverse pieces of the heritage of the Maestro Mateo, currently in the hands of several private institutions and collectors; through which a complete tour is made of the work of the Maestro in the Cathedral of Santiago from1168 to 1211. In total10 pieces and another 8 pieces of materials are exhibited, among which documents and several graphic and textual materials are regarding the Cathedral of Compostela and its restoration.

At the same time, this is an opportunity for the recovery of pieces which require conservation work, such as the “David' and the ‘Solomon' of the façade of the Obradoiro; and to carry out new studies and research regarding these.