What are your motivations for doing the Camino?

We would like to know your motivation for doing the camino de Santiago. We would like to know the reasons for why someone picks up a backpack and uses their vacation time walking large distances and end up in an uncomfortable albergues.

The Pilgrims Office in Santiago reports that the most important reason people walk the camino is for religious reasons. We can also see this by looking at the statistics from 2008. Of the 125.141 pilgrims that passed by the pilgrims office, 50.732 indicated that they had done the camino for religious reasons only. 63.598 did it for religious and other reasons, and 10.811 finished the camino for non religious reasons.

Inside these categories, there might be as many motivations as there are pilgrims. This might be personal motives that might range from a promise or a religious reason and also a personal challenge.

Please feel free to share some of your motivations in the comment section below. What is it/was it that pushed/pulled you to do the Camino de Santiago? Maybe some of these reasons?

  • Spiritual
  • Religious believes
  • A promise
  • Culture and art along the Camino
  • Nature along the Camino
  • Adventure
  • Sport
  • Vacation and tourism
  • Personal challenge
  • Out of solidarity
  • Meditation
  • To fin a new direction in my life
  • To find answers

Why are/have you done the camino?