A heavenly Camino from Rome to Santiago

A new route will connect the two cities of Rome and Santiago de Compostela. Both cities important catholic pilgrim destinations.  Obra Romana de Peregrinaciones (ORP), the Vatican travel agent, and the Caminos de Europa Network are promoting this new direct flight that will be operated by Mistral Air.

Even the administrator of ORP, father Cesare Atuire, has travelled to Santiago on the first flight, the first flight for the general public will be starting in the holy year 2010. The objective is to bring to Santiago a good number of pilgrims from Rome during 2010.

The date for the start of this new route will be during Easter week 2010 and it will be running until the fall. With this both the Lavacolla and the Fiumicino airport will be swarming with pilgrims.

ORP and Mistral Air are currently operating flights between Jerusalem, Fátima and Turkey, all for religious motives. And now with the Holy Year 2010, they will also add the city of Santiago to its destinations.

By the way, father Cesare Atuere, the one in charge of this project, has an account in both Facebook and LinkedIn. If you are looking for more information on this project, he is only a click away.