El Camino, a Playmobile view
From 2 August to 31 December | Centro Comercial Área Central Santiago de Compostela
2 August | 11:00
31 December | 21:00
Centro Comercial Área Central Santiago de Compostela

The exhibition includes a 48m² diorama divided into three areas. The first of them, which is 24m², portrays the current French Way as it crosses Galicia. This section also highlights items of cultural, natural, heritage, ethnographic, and culinary value in the representation of different items, such as the traditional pallozas houses in Pedrafita, the making of cheese in Arzúa, and the iconic Montre de Gozo.
The second area, which is 16m², transports visitors to medieval Santiago, the epicentre of pilgrimages. It includes the Romanesque Cathedral, as well as representations of various traditional trades from the time.
Spanning 8m², the last area in the diorama highlights the Legend of St. James. The Translation of the remains of the Apostle St. James from Jerusalem to Galicia is the focus of this last section which includes references to the stone boat, Padrón, Queen Lupa and Pico Sacra, and the discovery of the tomb itself.

Event Type: Exhibition
Ticket: Free entry