Other activities
XXV Photographic Marathon
From 1 October to 31 December | MARCO - Museo de Arte Contemporánea Vigo
1 October | 11:00
31 December | 21:00
MARCO - Museo de Arte Contemporánea Vigo

Since the AFG Agrupación Fotográfica Galega organized its first "Concello de Vigo" Photographic Marathon in 1995, this event has never stopped being held, although it changed the exhibition space several times, evolved in its format and duration, and adapted to the changes derived from technical advances and digital photography. Today, open to the participation of any person who loves photography, the contest is structured around four axes: 24 hours long, 4 themes proposed by the organization, 20/25 selected series, and 3 winning series.

The finalist works of the Concello de Vigo Photographic Marathon were exhibited in 2018 and 2019 in the MARCO Annex Space. In 2020, the XXV edition of the contest was held and, for this reason, its headquarters will be moved inside the Museum building, planned as a double exhibition. In a first phase (September 18 - November 1), a balance will be made of their trajectory and journey, showing the winning works in the different editions, in individual printing, in an exhibition that can be visited before the celebration of the XXV marathon day. The following exhibition will be dedicated to the results of this edition, showing the works selected as finalists, so that the jury will choose the winners on the opening day, and these will be exhibited in panels or in a framed individual edition.

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