Alfredo Alcain
From 24 September to 1 February | MARCO - Museo de Arte Contemporánea Vigo
24 September | 11:00
1 February | 21:00
MARCO - Museo de Arte Contemporánea Vigo

To understand the true uniqueness of Alfredo Alcain (Madrid, 1936) it must be remembered that, as a painter, he is part of the Madrid figurative environment, although very soon he introduces a differentiating element: a fine, subtle, demanding and self-critical humor, even corrosive, with the principles that seem more stable to him. He knows how to stay like no one else in that difficult space that is the limit between tradition and modernity, because Alcain, faithful to little painting, is one of those artists who always appear, stop and analyze a novelty or a change of direction in the expository speeches, although at times it is guided by a certain –and logical– skepticism. Aware of his condition as a painter-painter, he is irreducible: in his life, in his activity, he does not look for excuses or propose intermediate steps, and he makes everything revolve around painting.

Event Type: Exhibition