Castillo, escultor
From 21 October to 20 February | Museo Centro Gaiás Santiago de Compostela
21 October | 10:00
20 February | 20:00
Museo Centro Gaiás Santiago de Compostela

The Castillo, Sculptor exhibition immerses itself in the art of Jorge Castillo Casalderrey (Pontevedra, 1933) to value the sculptural work of this Galician author of international relevance and trajectory. Despite being his most unknown creative facet, Jorge Castillo's sculpture shares the greatness of his pictorial work and allows them to delve into their artistic process. In it, basic aspects are present in the whole of the artist's work, such as attention to human nature, to the metaphysics of being, as a primary object of study.

It is a unique opportunity to get to know Jorge Castillo's sculpture, as it is the first exhibition to focus entirely on this artistic facet, and which retrospectively covers the entire career of the author. Through sculpture, the creator invents new ways to explain restlessness and in this development maintains a constant dialogue with other disciplines such as painting and drawing and weaves a polyhedral work that changes at the same time as the author and that, Continuing with his artistic philosophy, he maintains a constant connection with the past and serves as a continuity.

Event Type: Exhibition
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