On dry land
From 26 August to 9 January | Torres Hejduk Santiago de Compostela
26 August | 10:00
9 January | 20:00
Torres Hejduk Santiago de Compostela

On dry land welcomes visitors into an experience touching on the geometry of the light of lighthouses and places its personal background at the heart of the exhibit. It starts with the multiple connotations of sea journeys and the concept of light as a symbol of internal transformation to encourage us to embark on our own journey. This creative idea from Ana Núñez Rodríguez (Lugo, 1984) and Sebastián Sandoval Quimbayo (Bogotá, 1986) was a winner at the 8th Contest of Artistic Interventions at the Torres Hejduk, held in 2020 for the participants of the 10th City of Culture New Artists Meeting (EAN10).

On the coastline of the Costa da Morte there are compasses waiting for sea travellers searching for dry land. They have not only been witness to a vast number of pilgrimage stories, they have also shown the way for different travellers throughout history. The lighthouses, those shining structures standing on the coastline of Galicia since the days of the Roman Empire, were a signal to sailors who, after setting out into the immensity of the sea, hoped to be guided by the light back to the coast. Accordingly, in the heart of this coastal landscape, these buildings became a tool to announce the end of a journey or the sighting of dry land, a guide in the roughest conditions allowing travellers to safely reach their destination.

Event Type: Exhibition
Ticket: Free entry