The Fisterra and Muxía Way

Stage: Lires - Muxía

  • Length 15.3 Km
  • Difficulty Medium-High
  • Estimated Duration 3h 50min

We culminate the stage to Muxía in the constant company of the sea, impressive beaches and the Sanctuary of the Virxe da Barca an objective.



Lires- Facho de Lourido

  • Length 11.6 Km
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Estimated Duration 2h 55min

We cross the River Castro on leaving Lires and enter the municipal area of Muxia. We reach Vaosilveiro, Frixe and Morquintián, with stretches of asphalted roadways among other rural roads.

One more effort is required before arriving in Muxía. This is the climb to the heights of As Aferroas (289 m) and Mount Facho de Lourido.

Lires - Facho de Lourido

Facho de Lourido- Muxía

  • Length 3 Km
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Estimated Duration 45min

After these, we reach the hamlet of Xurarantes and must skirt the beach of Lourido. We are now in the vicinity of the fishing town of Muxía.

We enter it along the Rúa Campo das Pinas, the Rúa Os Malatos and the Rúa Enfesto. Our objective will be to visit the Sanctuary of the Virxe da Barca.

Facho de Lourido - Muxía