The Primitive Way

Stage: Arzúa - Arca (O Pino)

  • Length 18.4 Km
  • Difficulty Low
  • Estimated Duration 2h 45min

In this stage, the Camino again passes among meadows together with oak and eucalyptus trees which surround small hamlets, some with place names with Jacobean echoes: A Calzada, A Calle, Ferreiros, A Salceda, A Brea, Santa Irene and A Rúa, which lies at the gates of Arca, the municipal capital of O Pino, the last municipality before Santiago.

Arzúa - A Salceda

  • Length 11.1 Km
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Estimated Duration 2h 45min

We depart from the town of Arzúa by the Rúa do Carme. In this stage the landscapes of meadows and woods (carballos (oaks), eucalyptus, fruit trees and cultivated fields) with stretches on the asphalt of the National Nacional 547 Highway.

We must pay special attention to the vehicles as we have to cross the road several times.

We cross the River Raído and then pass through several hamlets: Cortobe, As Pereiriñas, A Taberna, some with Jacobean echoes such as A Calzada, A Rúa, Ferreiros — again a reference to the ancient trade of those engaged in shoeing horses among other functions — and A Salceda