The Portuguese Way

Stage: Padrón-Santiago de Compostela

  • Length 24.9 Km
  • Difficulty Low
  • Estimated Duration 5h 00min

We cross the valley of the poetic River Sar, the Sanctuary of A Escravitude and we reach the top of O Milladoiro- the “humilladoiro”, that is, the place where pilgrims “humiliated” or knelt when they saw the cathedral for the first time. Here Compostela can already be breathed.

Padrón- A Escravitude

  • Length 6 Km
  • Difficulty Low
  • Estimated Duration 1h 15min

The route departs along Dolores Street, crossing the Sar River before coming to Iria Flavia, today the municipality of Padrón. This was once a Roman city and later an episcopal see until the 11th century. After passing the foundation of Nobel Prize in Literature winner Camilo José Cela (who is buried opposite, in the cemetery of Santa María Collegiate Church in Adina), the route crosses the N-550. The Sar Valley is home to traditional small village such as A Pousa, O Souto, O Rueiro, Cambelas and Anteportas.

Padrón - A Escravitude

A Escravitude- O Milladoiro

  • Length 11.3 Km
  • Difficulty Low
  • Estimated Duration 2h 15min

We come to the Sanctuary of A Escravitude. Behind it lie the valleys of Padrón and magnificent views of the lands of Amaía. The route then descends to A Angueira de Suso, followed by O Faramello and the pilgrim hostel at Teo (another accommodation option). It then climbs up to Rúa de Francos and then Osebe.

A Escravitude - O Milladoiro